A Day on Harvest

A typical day on Harvest begins when Harvesters emerge from their tents and prepare a breakfast of pancakes, granola, oatmeal or omelets. After eating, Harvesters head out for a morning of farm work, conversation, and games. Farm work varies widely from farm to farm - Harvesters might dig and wash carrots, pick tomatoes, clear brambles, build chicken coops, or help pack CSA boxes. (For descriptions of individual farms, click here.) Time in the field offers a great opportunity to get to know fellow Harvesters and to ask leaders questions about life at Yale.

At midday, Harvesters break for a lunch of freshly picked produce from the farm with bread, cheese, honey, and peanut butter. Following an afternoon siesta and a few more hours of farm work, Harvesters might finish up the day with a dip in a nearby pond or a game of volleyball. As the day winds down, some Harvesters might collect wood and build a campfire, while others prepare vegetable stir-fries and pasta with garlic, basil, and tomato sauce for dinner. Evenings on Harvest are a time to talk around the campfire, watch the sun set, play games, eat s’mores, and tell jokes.

All trips camp on the farms in tents and have access to toilets. Students should not expect to have showers, although there will be hoses available for rinsing off at the end of the day. All food is vegetarian, and trips plan so as to accommodate participants’ allergies.