“I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful, supportive, song-filled way to start Yale than Harvest. I have so many memories: singing a soaring Swahili running song while digging for carrots in the sun, filling my crate with (and nibbling on) beans while having a two-hour conversation with the student working next to me about everything from grandparents to our hopes to the books we loved as children, passing around a dripping orange melon at lunchtime, sorting garlic in a warm barn while playing a crazy circular guessing game that consisted of lots of laughter and no clear ending. During that week, led by two supportive, wonderful leaders who I look up to so much, I came to know and trust and laugh with an incredible group of classmates, people whose stories I came to know and who listened to me and supported me as I told my own story. At night we would share these stories of us, school stories and love stories, loud stories about quirky, lovable family members or hilarious camp adventures, quiet stories about the last time we cried. Harvest allowed us to share and embrace all of our stories - and start our story at Yale - in a warm, welcoming atmosphere of cooking and ever-present music.” - Malini, ‘17

“Harvest was an incredible way to make the transition into freshman year. I was able to get some amazing candid advice from upperclassmen while also making connections with my future classmates. It made a world of difference to have some familiar faces on the first couple of days of Camp Yale. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

“The Harvest experience was simply amazing, and in my opinion, the best way I could have started my four years at Yale. I was very happy to have met and befriended everyone who was on our trip, because I started school knowing that I wouldn’t have an issue finding friends. I also loved the experience of farming, because I felt really connected to nature and the environment around me. It was overall a wonderful experience that I would definitely do a million times again if I could.”

“I had an absolute blast on Harvest. I peeled garlic, dug up potatoes, tossed watermelons, ate incredible food, and made strong friendships that have lasted well into my time at Yale. The idea of starting college had been pretty daunting up until the trip, but as soon as I came to Harvest, I knew I was already home.” - Fish ‘17

Harvest was incredible–aside from meeting a small group of freshmen and getting to know them so well from the countless hours spent digging potatoes, cleaning garlic, and picking tomatoes, I learned so much about farming practices and issues from our farmers. I loved bonding with new friends and working in good clean dirt every day. - Catherine ‘15

On Harvest, I cooked, weeded and laughed with a diverse group of fellow freshmen and our two lovely leaders.  Though we went our separate ways once we reached campus, the Harvest experience made us friends that we could celebrate and commiserate with throughout the year and it was always a nice time when we all found a time to grab dinner together.” - Elizabeth ‘17